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Caribbean Satellite, from the Weather Channel's website.









(Data not always available for some Caribbean weather stations.  Please "Refresh" page for the most up-to-date information.  For more detailed information, click on the appropriate icon below.  For example, for detailed Jamaica weather, click on either Kingston or Montego Bay weather icon)

Anquilla Weather: Wall Blake    Antigua Weather: V.C. Bird
Click for Wall Blake, Anguilla Weather Report and Forecast                            Click for V.C. Bird, Antigua Weather Report and Forecast

Bahamas Weather: Nassau
Click for Nassau, Bahamas Weather Report and Forecast

Barbados Weather: Grantly Adams
Click for Grantley Adams, Barbados Weather Report and Forecast

Cayman Islands Weather: Owen Roberts   Click for Owen Roberts, Cayman Islands Weather Report and Forecast

Cuba Weather: Guantanamo Bay  
Click for Guantanamo Bay Naval Air Station, Cuba Weather Report and  Forecast

Dominica Weather: Canefield Airport
Click for Canefield, Dominica Weather Report and  Forecast

Dominican Republic Weather:
Puerto Plata and Santa Domingo
Click for Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Weather Report and Forecast
Click for Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Weather Report and Forecast



Grenada Weather: Point Salines  
Click for Point Salines, Grenada Weather Report and Forecast

Guadeloupe Weather:  La Raizet Airport Click for Le Raizet Airport, Guadeloupe Weather Report and Forecast

Guyana Weather: Timehri  Click for Timehri, Guyana Weather Report and Forecast

Haiti Weather:  Port-Au-Prince
Click for Port-au-prince, Haiti Weather Report and Forecast

  Jamaica Weather: KingstonClick for Kingston, Jamaica Weather Report and Forecast

Jamaica Weather: Montego Bay
Click for Montego Bay, Jamaica Weather Report and Forecast

Martinique Weather:  Le Lamentin
Click for Le Lamentin, Martinique Forecast

Netherlands Antilles Weather:
Aruba Weather                                           Curacao Weather
Click for Aruba, Aruba Forecast
Click for Curacao, Curacao Forecast



Puerto Rico Weather: San Juan
Click for San Juan, Puerto Rico Weather Report and Forecast

Saint Kitts and Nevis Weather
Nevis Weather                                  St. Kitts Weather
Click for Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis Forecast
Click for Saint Kitts, Saint Kitts and Nevis Forecast



St. Lucia Weather:  Hewanorra 
Click for Hewanorra, St. Lucia Forecast

Saint Vincent Weather:  Arnos Vale Click for Arnos Vale, Saint Vincent Forecast


Click for Piarco, Trinidad And Tobago Weather Report and Forecast Trinidad & Tobago Weather: Piarco & Crown Point
Click for Tobago Crown Point, Trinidad And Tobago Weather Report and Forecast




We do hope you find this page useful.  We tried to gather weather for all the Caribbean cities that provide weather data.  As more cities become available, we will add their information.  The Caribbean weather information above is provided courtesy of Weather Underground at, and The Weather Channel at  You can visit these weather sites by clicking on any of the Caribbean weather images above.  The image you click will take you to the weather for that Caribbean city.  For example, for detailed Jamaica weather, click on either the Kingston or the Montego Bay weather icon.

Traveling to the Caribbean?

Before you travel to the Caribbean, don't forget to check our Caribbean Weather page.  That way, you'll kwow what the weather will be like before you get there.

Track Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Bookmark this page so that during the hurricane season, you may have a convenient way to monitor any severe weather activity in the Caribbean region.

Use to Compare Caribbean Weather Data

Visit our Caribbean Weather page to compare data in the region.  Use the data for scholastic work, to satisfy your curiosity, or just to pass the time away.

Use Our Convenient Weather Page However You Like

Whatever your reason for needing our Caribbean Weather page,  we hope you will visit it over and over again.  And, please, don't keep our Caribbean Weather page a secret:  tell your friends. We're positive that they, too, will love our Caribbean Weather page.

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Smarties is a British candy which is a favorite among  Caribbean children (and adults).  English chocolate.





Trinidad Orange Juice and Trinidad Grapefruit Juice.  Check out our full line of Trinidadian food and Trinidadian drinks.





Sundial Karomantee and Sundial African Manback Tonics.  We have a wide range of Jamaican woodroot and Jamaican roots tonics.








Dettol Anticeptic.









Barbados Pine Hill fruit drinks.  We have a wide selection of Barbadian food and Barbadian drinks.








Trinidad Matouk's condiments.  We carrry a wide range of Trinidadian food and Trinidadian drinks as well as Calypso and Soca CDs and DVDs.